Trade Dress

Adept Trade Dress Attorneys

Much like how a trademark protects the identity of a brand, trade dress protections safeguard a product’s unique identifiers. As a premier intellectual property law firm, Coats & Bennett, PLLC, helps business throughout the nation safeguard their brand, offerings and services against infringement. Having successfully filed more than 1,000 trademark registration and related applications, our attorneys know the intricacies of trade dress law.

Protecting The Overall Image

Trade dress allows a business to protect the non-functional and distinctive aspects and packaging of their goods and services. An item may be entitled to protection if it is inherently distinctive, such as Coca Cola’s glass bottle, or if it acquired distinction through commercial success over a meaningful amount of time, typically at least five years.

Historically, trade dress protections only safeguarded the way a business packaged an item for sale. In recent decades, the legal definition evolved to include an item’s overall image. This expansion allows a company to protect a composite of features related to the complete appearance of an item, venue or service. A company can seek protection for the combination of appearance features used, even if other entities used each feature individually. This includes seeking trade dress protections related to the color, shape, size, texture, words, images, symbols and graphics, and other look and feel aesthetics used to distinguish their unique offerings from those sold by a competitor.

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You spent significant time and effort developing a trusted brand image and packaging elements; let us preserve them with trade dress and trademark protections. Backed by decades of technical experience, the attorneys of Coats & Bennett, PLLC, have what it takes to defend your intellectual property. Experience our commitment to quality legal representation by contacting our firm online or calling our office in Cary, North Carolina, at 855-369-8895.