Trade Secrets

Keep Vital Trade Secrets Secure

When a company or entrepreneur refines their methods, they need to ensure that competitors cannot turn their idea against the business. Coats & Bennett, PLLC, is experienced in counseling clients on establishing appropriate practices, procedures and forms for maintaining trade secret protection and preventing misappropriation of trade secrets.

As one of the leading intellectual property law firms in the nation, we fiercely represent our clients in trade secret litigation. We have a notable track record for successfully protecting our clients’ rights to their own property.

Why Trade Secrets Matter

Trade secret law enables innovators to protect their proprietary formulas and practices. While other intellectual property rights require eventual public disclosure, trade secrets do not. Therefore, they can be a valuable tool for maintaining a competitive edge for an extended period. Proprietary information, however, must meet certain requirements to maintain trade secret status.

Our experienced team of attorneys can help you detect, assess and counter potential threats to the value of your business assets. At Coats & Bennett, PLLC, we assertively litigate such matters to protect our clients’ misappropriated trade secrets. We also defend our clients from accusations of trade secret misappropriation, and we develop strategies to shield their intellectual property for the future.

We Protect Core Intangible Business Assets

Some of the most valuable assets that a company can possess are its processes and ideas. With proper legal counseling, businesses can establish practices and procedures necessary to maintain and protect their trade secrets.

Safeguard your secrets with an accomplished attorney at Coats & Bennett, PLLC. Complete our intake form or call our Cary office at 855-369-8895 to make an appointment regarding trade secret protection and misappropriation disputes.