You put in a lot of late nights and personal time to create, cultivate and perfect your North Carolina company’s intellectual property. Of course, you want to do everything you can to protect it from those who would take advantage of it.  

To help you in that endeavor, Forbes lays out a variety of ways to keep your intellectual property safe. Go beyond the standard non-disclosure agreement to account for the unexpected. 

Ensure employees know company policy  

While your employees help build and sustain your company, they can become liabilities without proper training and education. Sit your team down to discuss your confidentiality policy and how it works in regards to IP protection. Regular refresher meetings are a good idea.  

Protect data access 

Going back to employees, it may be that not all of them have access to your IP. Decide who among your staff needs full data access and who can perform their duties with restricted access. No matter who has access to your property, be sure you store all the info in a well-guarded location.  

Buff up your digital and physical security  

Do not neglect standard physical security measures, such as door locks and door sensors, so you know when someone accesses the area where you store your IP. Additionally, look into firewalls and fingerprint/facial scanners.  

Do your due diligence when selecting vendors  

Do not overlook the companies you depend on to protect your business. Any vendor you currently do business with or are thinking about doing business with requires thorough vetting. Specifically, check to see whether the vendor and its jurisdiction could become liable violations.   

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.