Client Stories

Mary Jane McKittrick

“Ed Green, with Coats & Bennett, PLLC, advises the best ways to protect my work by helping me anticipate potential trademark issues and securing my copyrights.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         –Mary Jane McKittrick


As an author, publisher and producer of products for children, I run into all sorts of interesting situations regarding the protection of my ideas. For instance, my Brookstone Farm series features my two dressage horses, Black Tie and Lexus, as characters. I wasn’t sure if Lexus, the car company, would allow me to use the name of my big, red horse in my stories. I didn’t want to risk a lawsuit, but I did want to use my horse’s real name. Ed assured me that because the horse was named Lexus from birth and has breed documentation, and no one was likely to confuse the character with the car, I had nothing to fear. Ed Green helped me launch my current production company, Tuxedo Cat Productions, Inc., tackling matters large and small. He makes sure my intellectual property is protected before publication through legal agreements with my artists and consultants, and by registering copyrights on the characters and my stories. I consider him a trusted advisor and invaluable part of my business. Ed tells me I am his only client who asks for advice regarding cartoon characters! Click here to see my latest creations.