About Our Firm

Our Guiding Principles

Honesty. Integrity. Trust. These attributes provide the foundation of our guiding principles. Add an overarching commitment to quality and a pure passion for the practice of intellectual property law and you have the essence of Coats & Bennett, PLLC.

Our clients see us as integral to their success. We empower their companies by protecting more than their intellectual property; we protect their very livelihood. We remain flexible and responsive to their needs, whether those needs are best served through legal actions or simply through sound business advice.

We believe in personal and professional excellence – continuous improvement through innovation, training, quality assurance and sharing best practices. We strive to balance economics, legal issues and common sense to create effective client solutions.

Our goal is long-term growth while increasing the reputation and stature of our firm. We firmly believe that meeting that goal requires keeping a long-term perspective on client relationships. Long-term goals are never served by shortcuts or by any action that does anything short of serving each client to the absolute best of our abilities.

And finally, we realize that there will be a day that we look back. We are determined that we will be proud of the way we have served our clients and conducted ourselves and that we will see that we have positively influenced all of those we have served.


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