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Will Pagan to Present "Strategies for Arguing Against Challenges Under §101" in a webinar on March 3, 2016

Will Pagan has been selected as one of the presenters for an upcoming webinar titled, “Effective Intellectual Property Asset Protection for Biotechnology and Biopharmaceutical Facing Subject Matter Eligibility Challenges in 2016 LIVE Webcast.”  Mr. Pagan's section of the presentation will focus on strategies against challenges under §101.

The webinar will be held March 3 from 12:00 - 2:00 EST.  We have a select group of complimentary registrations available for those who are interested in attending.  Please contact Will Pagan or Shari Leon at 919-854-1844 if you would like to attend.  More information regarding the webinar can be found at

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