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Internet & Domain Name Disputes

The rise of the Internet changed the way companies do business. Many businesses maintain interactive websites, social networking pages, and online advertising campaigns to reach consumers worldwide. As businesses move to the web, new difficulties and challenges have arisen for policing and protecting intellectual property rights. To address these difficulties, both ICANN and private companies provide alternatives to filing suit that can provide quick and efficient resolution of online infringement issues. Our attorneys know how best to position clients to withstand online infringement and we are experienced with the private mechanisms available to resolve and “take down” infringing activities online.

Coats + Bennett has significant experience in navigating intellectual property issues that arise in cyberspace. We successfully resolve disputes over Internet IP rights and stop offending activities through numerous cyberspace dispute resolution mechanisms. We are familiar with ICANN’s UDRP proceedings and with the various “take down” practices and protocols for numerous social media websites and ISPs. When appropriate, we also file lawsuits for online violations. We also defend these cases and UDRP proceedings. Regardless, for online violations of intellectual property rights, it is advantageous to have previously registered your trademarks and copyrights.

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