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Most people hate going to see a lawyer. It means they’re in a divorce or a money dispute or got arrested or are injured or owe taxes. Seeing a patent lawyer is different – clients come to me to show me their invention, and to help me understand the innovation behind it. We meet, not to solve disputes, but to create value. I meet with smart people, for the purpose of turning their ideas into valuable property rights. Those interactions are overwhelmingly characterized by positive energy and excitement.

Edward H. Green, III is, in his own words, a “geek” with 15 years of design engineering experience. It was the combination of intellectual challenge and being involved in the latest, cutting-edge technology that first attracted him to engineering. For Ed, a career in patent law was a natural progression.

His vast experience with digital electronics includes designing circuits found in SPARC® and PowerPC® architecture microprocessors, video compression boards, minicomputer memory controllers, missile guidance systems and satellite data acquisition systems. Having worked in both product design and research environments in the commercial computer and defense industries, as well as field work in the oil business, Mr. Green is also the co-inventor on four U.S. Patents. His engineering affiliations include IBM, Sun Microsystems, Olivetti, Lockheed, and Gearhart Industries.

Mr. Green applies his extensive technical background to protect clients’ inventions across a wide range of technologies, including processor architecture, discrete and integrated electrical circuits, memory, software, networks, wireless communications technology, laser printers, robotics, data processing, internet business methods, power control, and mechanical and industrial designs. Mr. Green also secures and defends intellectual property rights for authors, artists, architects, and musicians through copyrights, and helps business people protect their brands and image through trademark registration and enforcement.

Mr. Green obtained his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Tennessee Technological University in 1985, with an emphasis in digital electronics. He earned his Juris Doctor, summa cum laude, in 1999 from the evening program at North Carolina Central University School of Law, while practicing engineering full-time. Mr. Green is admitted to practice law in the state of North Carolina and in the federal district court, and he is also registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office in Washington, D.C.

A member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, North Carolina Bar Association and Triangle Intellectual Property Law Association, Ed still manages to find time to participate in a variety of recreational pursuits. Hobbies include riding motorcycles, flying airplanes, and a variety of shooting sports. He can often be spotted with his wife Sandy, three daughters, and chocolate lab Casey (also a female), pulling an RV camper across the countryside.

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