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Coats + Bennett Advantage

We offer high quality services at market-competitive prices; we don’t take shortcuts, quit early, or shy away from tough challenges. Our attorneys love their work and are committed to quality. Critically, they have the legal and technical expertise to fully realize that quality commitment.

We long ago decided that doing great work for each client was the best approach to securing our firm’s long-term viability. As we often say internally, doing a great job today is the best way of ensuring you’ll have more work tomorrow.

The bottom line is that our people are very good at what they do. They are passionate about their work, and bring everything they have to the table. Technical complexities, innovations, and the intricacies of IP law, it’s what sparks our imaginations and keeps us motivated.

This is fun. We love it. And that’s important.

"I like being able to make a difference in a client’s business."
John Owen
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