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Charles Wellard

"The competition actively sought to stop us, but they lost."
Charles Wellard

My invention was called the X-spooler. It’s a machine that spools electrical wire into a coil. It sounds simple, but at that time there was a monopoly on the process. A competing company sold the only spooling machine available in the industry for a rather hefty sum. I figured out a better way to do it. Our process was better, it was faster, it was more dense, it came off the spool easier and it wasn’t prone to some of the tangles and problems of competing technologies. Of course the competition actively sought to stop us, but they lost. Coats + Bennett successfully patented the X-Spooler for us, and as a result, we sold the X-Spooler very successfully.

That success not only significantly impacted my life and the lives of my family. It enabled me to provide opportunity for generations to come through philanthropic efforts such as helping bring about the construction of Wellard Hall at the Sandhills Community College.

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